Pretty crafty name, huh?

Ok, so given that Sly is my last name, the title for this blog is far from crafty. I too, am far from crafty but you’ll come to find that out if you keep reading. Names in our family have all required very little thought. To begin, my maiden name was Hussey. Molly Hussey. Yes, you go ahead and laugh all you like. It was a character builder if nothing else. So, lots of fun was had with that during high school and college. My ninth grade gym teacher, Mr. Goble loved me. I was the third Hussey he had taught as two of my older cousins attended the same school. We were all athletically inclined, though my cousins were far more gifted than I. Regardless, he used to call on me to demonstrate what we would be doing in class. “Hussey, show them how we’re doing the freestyle/backstroke combo”…”Hussey, show us what a layup is” and on and on. Finally one day, this girl (who ended up being my best friend) finally turned to me and said, “What the hell did he just call you??!!”. I went on to college at Michigan State and happened to fall in love with a fellow named Mike Sly. EVERYONE called him Sly so I thought it was his nickname. I really didn’t know his first name until we actually started dating. We graduated, moved to Chicago, had way too much fun and then got married. Six months after we were married (still living in Chicago) the phone rang at around 12am. We assumed it was any one of our drunken friends so we opted not to answer it. However, it rang again so clearly someone must have died. Mike jumped up to grab the phone only to hear screaming from the other end of the line about how Jay Leno had just held up our wedding announcement (Hussey-Sly or Sly-Hussey, I’m never sure which goes first). He made some crack about how he would have liked to be at our wedding reception. We received several calls that night and it was even on a rerun. We missed it both times, thus sleeping through our 15 seconds of fame. We didn’t even know we HAD a wedding announcement. His mom put one in the Port Huron (tiny) newspaper and somehow it made it to Leno. So, Mike and Molly Sly is how we roll these days. Our kids are Marian, who’s six and very sassy. She was named after my mother who passed away about a month before we got pregnant. My mom was Mary Ann but because of the brogue of her elders she was always called Marian. Mike’s grandmother, mother and sister all have Faye as a middle name. So, naming our daughter was just a natural and touching experience for us – Marian Faye Sly. Our youngest is a wild and crazy boy that will be four at the end of August. Mike and his dad are both Michaels but they have different middle names to avoid the whole Sr., Jr., II, III situation. My father, who had passed away when I was in high school was Phillip James Hussey. So again, for our son, there were no baby name books required. Michael Phillip Sly he was. The thing we find so funny is that regardless of what we named these beautiful kids of ours, once they hit a certain age all their friends are going to call them Sly. In fact, I’ve already seen some of Marian’s camp counselors calling her Sly.

I see that I’ve failed to mention the point of this blog. I’m hoping to figure that out as I go…




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2 Responses to “Pretty crafty name, huh?”

  1. iri friend Says:

    Sorry to hear about Griffey. What a great dog.

  2. Tagged to be random « Sly and the family Says:

    […] 3) Jay Leno put our wedding announcement on his show. Sly/Hussey wedding party. […]

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