The best dog ever

I’ve been couped up and doped up for the last nine days due to all kinds of tears and bulges in the discs in my back. It’s a long, boring story that we can get in to later. But, part of this boredom is what finally pushed me to start this blog. As I mentioned in the first post, I’m not sure what it’s all about. My family, the crazy things my kids say, life in general and just trying to live the dream (as we often say at work). Aside from being laid up, unable to join my family in 4th of July festivities, and impending surgeries – the thing I can’t get off my mind is my dog Griffey. She was our 12 year old Golden Retriever and I know you all think it about your dogs too, but she was the greatest. Never needed a leash, wouldn’t wander off, loved the kids and was just always there for us. Until Friday. She had been sick on and off and it got to the point where I could see she was suffering so we agreed to let her go. She had lived a great life between being a pup at Michigan State with oodles of people to play with to living in Chicago for four years and swimming in Lake Michigan every weekend. We didn’t want her suffering or in pain and the time had come. Marian understood what this meant and she cried and grieved. When we told Michael he said, “OK, can I go outside now?”. It’s his age and we expected it. But, then two nights ago there were crazy storms and our cat Seamus (that was basically dropped off at our doorstep a year ago) was still outside. Michael started crying at this because he said that Seamus is now going to die and go to Heaven like Griffey did. That’s when he really had his moment of loving, missing and grieving for Griffey. It was a sad moment as we all cried for Griffey but we assured the kids that Seamus would be back before morning. And, he was….wet and happy to be home. Here’s a picture of the most perfect dog I could have ever asked for.


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2 Responses to “The best dog ever”

  1. A lot can happen in a week « Sly and the family Says:

    […] very cute. The thing that killed me is that Seamus (the crazy cat) seemed to think that Laya was Griffey. It was sad and sweet all at the same time. Seamus kept following the dog and trying to rub up […]

  2. Even our pets are freaks « Sly and the family Says:

    […] a few weeks ago. His name is Murphy. He’s a Golden Retriever and he reminds me a lot of Griffey. Murphy can be in our front yard off leash and not dash off (unless he’s chasing Shamus into […]

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