July 4th holiday fun and start of this blog

I thought it would be fitting to show you what my loving family was up to while I was bedridden last week. In fact, the day I started this blog was on July 4th itself. After taking the kids to a little parade down the road Mike headed off to a friend’s family house on a private lake. Mike has fun with water sports but he can take it or leave it whether it’s the lake, ocean or even the pool. I however, am obsessed with water. I’ve done it all: swim team, lifeguard, scuba diving, waterskiing, tubing, snorkeling, jet skiing, wave running, sailing, sea kayaking and windsurfing. The one thing I’ve not yet tried but still hope to is surfing.


I made Mike promise to take lots of pictures and I’m ashamed to say that I was ridiculously jealous when I saw them. In my defense, I was on day nine of being bedridden and I was crabby to say the least. Mike told our friend Casey (the driver of the boat) that this would have been the kind of day that I would have killed for. So, as jealous as I was he felt the pain for me knowing that I was missing it. The one thing I’m thrilled about is that the kids are really starting to get into the water sports too. They are VERY tentative at first but once they feel secure they are all over it. Here’s a few pictures of the Sly family (minus me) whooping it up on the 4th.



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2 Responses to “July 4th holiday fun and start of this blog”

  1. Casey Says:

    Who is that hunk driving the boat? I need his digits!

  2. Molly Sly Says:

    Nice! He’s just some kingd that lives on the lake year round and gets paid to drive boats and look good. Usually though, it takes two pictures of him to get a good one!

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