Sleep longer children. Please…take pity on us.

My goal these next few nights, even if it kills me, is to break the internal alarm clocks that live within my children. They can go to bed at 8pm or they can go to bed at 11pm. They will still be up around 6am. Marian has been getting a little better. But Michael! Oh, Michael. Killing me softly, he is. So, I have taped a lovely reminder above his clock about what 7am looks like. Here was our conversation earlier today:


Me: So Michael, you know that tomorrow you have to sleep until at least 7am, or else you won’t get to watch any TV. Right?

Michael: OK, but you know mom, this is going to be hard for me.

Me: Yes dear, but you grow while you sleep so if you want to get big and strong you need to sleep more.

Michael: Really? So if I sleep I’ll be big like Jordan? (our 12 year old neighbor)

Me: Yes, Michael – you’ll be big, strong and Mommy and Daddy will be in much better moods.


So, the deal is, if they wake up before their clocks say 7am – they don’t get to watch any TV. Yes, we are the parents from hell but that’s what motivates them and we’re taking full advantage.




Here’s Michael’s beautifully crafted poster in case he forgets what 7:00 looks like. No worries, I’ll keep my day job even though I could be a professional colorer.




7 Responses to “Sleep longer children. Please…take pity on us.”

  1. slyandthefamily Says:

    I wrote this last night but the computer hated me so I didn’t post until today. The first night of our trial was HORRIBLE. First, he woke at 2:45am to tell me it was 7am. Then, he was up at 5:45am and for over an hour complained that it was taking too long to turn to 7:00am. That’s ok, we’re committed to the cause and we won’t surrender!

  2. slyandthefamily Says:

    S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!! Mind you, they were up swimming at a friend’s until 10pm BUT, Marian slept until 7:20am and Michael until 7:30am. I’m already in a better mood and it’s only 9:30am. Ah, the wonders of sleep.

  3. marian sly Says:

    hi mom u have a website about me and michael omg this is marian

    • Molly Sly Says:

      Uh oh, I’ve been busted by my darling daughter! Marian, I think we’ll have some good giggles reading back through some of these old posts tonight. Love you!!

  4. marian sly Says:

    mom i told u to write me something do it now

  5. marian sly Says:

    thats right i dindt find it nathan did

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