Shaking in my boots – for real

Tomorrow I’m doing to have a discogram done on my back to determine if I need to have a fusion surgery. What’s a discogram, you ask? Well, the doctor said “it’s very, very painful”. S-U-P-E-R!!

They stick these crazy long needles into the very center of your disc. Then, they shoot it with dye to try to re-create your pain and see all your tears. This fluid is injected to cause an increase in pressure and pain. No pain medication is allowed because I need to feel the pain and describe it to them in detail with each disc they test. Lucky for me, they are testing FOUR. 

So this picture shows the needles being poked into the center of the discs. One of my discs is so severely degenerated that the kind doctor doesn’t even know if he can fit a needle into it. Oh, and he also made sure to tell me that after the needles are in the real pain starts and that’s when patients typically start saying, “OW, OW, OW, OW, OW!”. He explained that this sort of reaction isn’t very helpful. Point taken, doctor. He would rather I tell him just how excruciating the pain is and is it the same kind I’m used to just bad pressure. Needless to say, I’m nervous and I’ve never been this nervous about a test, or a surgery or even giving birth. He said I will be able to walk after the test and two weeks ago I couldn’t walk at all – so, in my mind, I’m sure I’ve felt worse pain. The reason for all this fun is that I have Degenerative Disc Disease that is apparently of the severe sort, especially for someone my age.

I’ll report back tomorrow, or maybe the next day…it all depends. The sayings of my dearly departed Aunt Joyce (and all the other Irish of my parent’s generation): “Offer it up, dear”, “Suffer in silence”, “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. Blah, blah, blarney, blah!


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One Response to “Shaking in my boots – for real”

  1. trempazona Says:

    Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What caused this to your back!

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