That discogram was a walk in the park!

Yes, a walk in the park it was. However, the park I’m referring to has burning glass in place of grass and I’m rolling down the hill (like we did as free spirited kids) while it’s raining a lovely acid/salt mixture. Sorry, I’ll stop with the drama. It was indeed an extremely painful experience but I can honestly say that I had expected it to be worse. I told the doctor my rationality was that if I can walk after the test then I’ve certainly felt worse pain. Crickets…. He said nothing and just looked at me like I was a foolish girl. Mike and I both started laughing. I think their team got a kick out of how much joking we were doing about the whole thing. In fact, while I was in the procedure the joking continued. At one point one of the needles had already been placed and he started doing another one and this one hurt WAY worse.

Me: Hey, woah, what’s happening now?

Dr: (very nonchalantly) Oh, I’m just pushing through some muscle and piercing the disc now.

Me: Have you ever had this test done so that you know how your patients are feeling?

Dr: Well, no.

Me: Ok, then you aren’t allowed to say, “oh, I’m just….”. And I do think you should try this so you will have that bond with your patients.

The medical team got a huge kick out of this and then the doctor tried to tell me he had something similar. We were all very curious and then he said he had an epidural before. The nurses and I let him have it. No comparison, my doctor friend. Dr. Sripada and his team were awesome though. They made a horrible procedure go by very fast and they amused me along the way. I also made sure to tell him that I poked fun at him in my blog and he was ok with it.

I felt so happy when it was all over. I have two bad discs instead of three which is good news, though I had hoped it would only be one. We’ll meet with the neurosurgeon on the 30th to determine if I’ll have to have the spinal fusion surgery. As for the after effects, I’m really having a hard time with the pain now. It’s going to last up to 72 hours. Didn’t sleep much last night but hoping to improve today. Mike has been my rock and he said if he could have he would have done the procedure for me. He hates feeling helpless. After I got home he went and dropped the kids off with some friends and brought me pain meds, a Blizzard and People magazine. What’s not to love? Then, when the kids got home they ran to give me hugs. While Marian was hugging me she said, “I just want to stay right here in this hug forever”. I melted. Now I need to get her another pony! Then they jumped in bed with me and we snuggled and watched 101 Dalmatians. They were very sweet making sure that each time I moved I was ok and that they weren’t hurting me. I’m a pretty lucky gal to be blessed with such a great family!! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, offers to help with the kids and for the dinners too. Though this is a big part of our life right now I don’t want it to dominate this blog. I’ll try to keep you all posted in a much less wordy fashion as things change. I blame my drawn out stories on the Vicodin!



4 Responses to “That discogram was a walk in the park!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Molly, I am so proud of you! How brave you are. I think that you should birth this baby for me 🙂 jk Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. james Says:

    well thats great….im already scared and im going this am to gget a discogram done now that i read this im even more scared. i dont like needles bein placed in my back at all…im glad your doing ok though and there is nothing better than the love of chidren..i have 13 grandkidds and 1 on the way.
    i wish you and your family all the best in your endevors.

  3. Crystal Says:

    Walk in the park with glass?? You forgot the burning lava… Okay- so yes it was wicked painful. I just got home about an hour ago after making the decision to go with the discogram. I will know on tuesday whether I made the right one.

    I have been struggling to make it to work for months now and had 2 facet blocks, MRI, physical therapy and pain management. I went to a neurosurgeon who advised he wanted to do the discogram and in the same day I saw another pain dr who wanted to do radio frequency- I opted for the discogram as I am tired of poking and maybe this and that-i wanted to know to what degree my injury is an what my options are… I have my pictures from the ct and the disco if anyone knows what I should be seeing or not see I’m all ears as I surf the lava flows! Lol thanks

    Painfully- cj 🙂

    • Molly Sly Says:

      CJ, I wrote this entry over a year ago and I am doing really well now. The test itself went by fairly quickly. Immediately after they load you up with pain meds so you can make it home. I was in quite a lot of pain for about 2-3 days afterwards and then I was able to get back to work. I ended up needing to have two levels fused together. Wait, two discs and three levels? I think. See, I’ve already forgotten all the pain (just like child birth)!! I wish you the best in your journey and I can tell you that based on the relief I’ve gotten since the test and the surgery, it was the right decision for me.


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