And the cat came back (isn’t there a song about that?)

After Mike and Michael walked and called for Seamus, out of sheer concern mind you, he came sauntering back into the yard later while they mowed the lawn. He had that strut, ya know, that cat strut like he owns the place. Well, he’s not strutting anymore. Wait until you see what we did to him. Now Seamus, Mr. Too Cool for School, all your little cat friends will know that WE. OWN. YOU! Oh, and wait until the squirrels, raccoons and possums see it – they’ll be heckling you from the trees and the garbage cans. Don’t go making us worry about you Seamus. We have a lotta love to give and with Griffey gone it all falls on you. I think it’s safe to say that Seamus isn’t thrilled with the new accessory we bought him. But again, it’s all out of love and concern.



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