POLL: knappy or snappy – your vote counts

There’s one thing Mike and I agree on without question – our kids are cute. Marian can work the long hair or the short hair. Hers is thick and straight-ish. She’s lucky as hell but curses it every time we have to brush it. Apparently is has some magic feature where even after we’ve just brushed it, new tangles form instantaneously. Either way, she’s swimming every day at camp this summer and with the chlorine and the brushing and the crying – she’s opted for a shorter style.

So, this poll really involves the young, knappy headed Michael Sly. Mike loves it when Michael’s hair is long, messy and surfer-like. Long or short, Michael already is a lady killer with more “game” than his dad ever had. I too like Michael’s tousled locks, but think a little shorter is ok. So, the kids had haircuts last night. Here are the before and after shots. You tell us what you think of mack-daddy Michael. Leave us on a comment on this one – longer or shorter…





11 Responses to “POLL: knappy or snappy – your vote counts”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I prefer long, as you know, but you need to go short for the boys in summer to survive. Girls get to wear the cute ponytails. Although Marian’s short look is very cute having seen it in person.

  2. Lacy Says:

    I like it long! Messy, messy, messy! Michael will have lots of time as an adult to wear well grommed hair. Let him keep it long for a bit.

  3. Chris Says:

    I am going to say that I prefer the longer hair right now for michael. It gave him a definite Sly look; cool, calm, and collected. Also Mike’s flowers are looking as beautiful as his children in both of those pictures. Some may call that a “Deal!”

  4. Sarah Says:

    They’re both awfully cute either way!! Michael looks more handsome, groomed with the shorter hair…less surfer dude cute. He sure has to be cooler in this heat. Does he have an opinion?

  5. Pat Says:

    Long. Much better for hevey metal…

  6. Pat Says:

    or heavy…

  7. Rory Says:

    Long. The chicks dig long hair… fo’ sho.

  8. Becki Water Says:

    First of all, I must say little Mikey is a cutie pie after camping with him this weekend. After looking at the before and after pics, I have to say I like the longer one the best.

  9. bonar Says:

    i know i’m late with this…..but i would use a smaller bowl when cutting michael’s hair.
    long for michael, short for marian…..

  10. carolyn bemrich Says:

    i have to agree with you people i like it long for mikey and short for marian.

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