Is that a scalpel in your pocket, or…

It is confirmed, on August 19th I’ll be having spinal fusion surgery. We met with the neurosurgeon last night and after the discogram report showed “essentially complete loss of disc height and dye material leaking posteriorly and anteriorly bilaterally” in L4/L5. L5/S1 is right behind it in terms of degeneration. So, they will be fusing two levels, three vertebrae. Once again, Dr. Sunshine was very “real” in telling me that this is a very painful surgery. It involves a bone graft, screws and rods. God love Dr. Sunshine for spreading his rays of happiness and light! Because I’m really sick of this subject and I’m certain you must be sick of hearing about it, I’ll give you the quick rundown on what this all means:

  • Four days in the hospital – wake up in a brace that I’ll wear for 10 weeks
  • Four-six weeks off of work; no driving until I’m off the pain pills
  • Physical therapy will start around six weeks

He said that this operation should improve things by 75% and hopefully we won’t have to deal with more issues of this magnitude for another 10-20 years. Finally, Dr. Sunshine said something positive!!! Just kidding. He’s great and I trust him completely. Mike and I are both excited and nervous to get this over with and I’m just looking forward to being normal (keep all the sarcastic comments to yourselves) again. We’ll keep you posted – and until after the surgery the rest of the posts will hopefully be centered around these comic children of mine!


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4 Responses to “Is that a scalpel in your pocket, or…”

  1. dgrimm Says:

    Did u have the surgery? Has it been successful? I just learned I need fusion also.

  2. Molly Sly Says:

    I did have the surgery on August 19th and it’s been a huge success in my book. This is my third week back to work full time. I’ve been off all the pain meds for over a month now and my pain is usually less than a 2/3, and often a 0. I had found tons of horror stories as I did my research and it occured to me that the people with bad experiences are still in pain and searching for solutions. That’s why they stay up on the conversations and posts on the web. With me, it was a great success so I’ve pretty much moved on from writing about it. I imagine that happens for a lot of people that have good results. I’m in my second week of physical therapy and tomorrow I go for my x-rays to make sure all the rods/screws are doing ok. You can email me at if you have any other questions. I think it’s incredibly important to trust your surgeon, and mine was great.

  3. someonelsehasit Says:

    i too just found out i am having this done.thanks for sharing your info!

  4. Molly Sly Says:

    I hope all goes well for you!!

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