They really love each other. Awwww….

This weekend we had a bit of a family reunion at my brother’s house. My brother and 18 year old nephew have a few dirt bikes in their garage. The minute we arrived Michael became obsessed with these motorcycles. He wanted…no…NEEDED to go for a ride. For hours we had to hear about this. Finally, once the extended family had left my brother offered to take Michael for a ride and Michael was pumped to say the least. Marian, however, started to cry as we headed to the garage. She was scared that Michael was going to fall off and get hurt. How sweet is that? At first Michael tried to reassure her. “I’ll be ok Marian. I promise. Mom said I’ll be ok and you know that mom’s always right”. I’m not making that last part up either, he really said that. Shortly after this brave little man was reassuring his sister that he would be fine, he became scared because he realized we were talking about riding the BIG motorcycle and not the child-sized one. Super Daddy came to the rescue and gave both the kids rides on a motorbike built for an 8 year old and they were thrilled. He finally had to stop after his legs cramped up too much. Pictures to come soon, after my niece Madi has a chance to download them.


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    […] was my first post about their concern for each other. It was over two years ago. Michael was just about to turn four. […]

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