I know how to party!

Mike and the kids are gone for a few days, camping with a bunch of our friends (25 of which are children under the age of six). What am I doing with all this time to myself, you ask? Cleaning. I’m pretty exciting, huh? There was a time when I would have called friends up and gone out for drinks or a movie at least. My, how times have changed. At first I envisioned lying around renting movies and sleeping a lot. But then I realized that I’m going to be FORCED to do that after next week and I’ll go crazy after a few days – much less four to six weeks. So, with Mike gone I went cleaning crazy. I was rocking the iPod while spending over an hour scrubbing the bathroom alone. I did the windows inside and out, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping…you get the picture. I was in pain the whole time but I found the freedom to do normal things a welcome change, even with the pain. I figured that I’m having surgery in a week so I gave myself a little more latitude than I normally would. Now then, this sort of thinking has gotten me into trouble in the past but I couldn’t help myself. My main source of motivation was to do it all so that Mike doesn’t have to when he gets home. He’s not a camper but he’s off with the kids for three days knowing that they’ll love it. If nothing else, he’ll come home to a clean house and a wife who’s just a little more crippled than she was when he left.



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