Softball Mondays are over for the season

Last night was the end of our co-ed softball season. It was a long season, but an undefeated one for us…The Ligers. Cheesy name, but we like Napoleon Dynamite and we’ll make no apologies. So, every Monday for the last two plus months our team has a game and we have a great system worked out for those of us with kids. All the kids get dropped off at my house and then my niece comes and babysits six or more kids for 1 ½ hours. It’s a great deal for her since they all love playing together and she makes $30 for her time. The kids last year coined it “Softball Mondays”. Mom, is it softball Monday today???? They have a blast and we have a blast. My niece skates out of here as soon as we return but the mayhem continues as the kids continue to play outside or downstairs until the wee hours of the night (9pm-ish, yes, we are hard core) while the parents/players share drinks and stories upstairs. Our team this year rocked, even though I only played in about four games. How can that be, you ask? I spread my skills to them from the bench where I keep score – I’m just that powerful. We finished the season 12-0, one the first playoff game and then lost the championship last night. I wasn’t there to spread my skills from the bench. I take full blame. Here’s a picture of the Ligers, Royal Oak league champs and a few pictures of the crazy “Softball Monday” kids. We had some great subs this year due to all of our injuries, hopefully they’ll let me back on the team when I’m healthy next year. Maybe they’ll have to hold tryouts to see if I get my spot back.


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