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He’s miserable

September 19, 2008

Michael has been home since yesterday with an ear infection (that he never mentioned or complained about), an eye infection (that made the outside of his eye look really not pretty) and a high fever. The fun part about the fever is that it only comes in the afternoon. Yesterday he hit 103 at about 4pm and today he hit 102 around 2pm. In the morning he’s still his normal 700 mile per hour nutcase and even with the fever, once he has the Motrin he’s all over the place again. Thus the reason I was snapping pictures of my pitiful sick kid in his comatose moment. Mostly this is just because it’s very rare that we see him sitting this still. Hopefully we can get through tomorrow without the fever coming back. In the meantime, I’m heading back to work next week. I got the all clear from the rehab doctor on Wednesday. I’ll start off at 20 hours per week and add to that as I can tolerate it. Thankfully my company is being so great with me on this. In fact, my department and one of the managers I supported are sending us a cleaning lady for four sessions. We are SOOOOOOO excited about this. Obviously the floors (and several other areas) have been very neglected these last four weeks.

Could he be more miserable?

Poor, poor little man

Watching "The Bee Movie" - in his own private hell

Watching a movie in his own private hell


Rotten children

September 15, 2008

First, let me start off this rant by saying that in no way are my complaints about this weekend comparable to anyone affected by Ike. My cousin Jerry and his family live near Houston and had to evacuate, but thankfully  they are safe and their house is without damage. My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much down there. Never the less, I am a petty person and now I’m going to let you know how our weekend was. We pretty much spent the entire weekend trying NOT to kill the children. They were beyond horrible this weekend. Saturday I was crabbier than I’ve ever been (think I cut back too much, too quickly on the Oxycotin) so I literally had to lock myself in the bedroom all day so as to shield my family from my wrath. Sunday was a bit better but the rain ALL weekend meant the kids had more energy to burn than normal and Mike and I had WAY less patience than normal. The kids also decided this weekend that they should be roomies. Mike and I were too exhausted to care where they slept, as long as they did. Marian has a bunk bed so Michael took the bottom bunk on Saturday night and they did ok.  Sunday though, Michael decided the bottom bunk is scary (kind of cave-like). When I went to tuck them in, the picture below is what I found. I was already feeling terrible and Mike and I had deemed ourselves the worst parents ever and then to see this have your heart melt. G-U-I-L-T!!! Funny that kids don’t even flinch when you take flash photos of them in the night. Hope your weekend was better than ours, and that next weekend is better for everyone!

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother

Both the kids are in school and it feels weird!

September 10, 2008

Marian started 1st grade at her new school on the 2nd. She LOVES it. Plus, she gets a locker which is the highlight, as you can well imagine. Mikey started 4 year old preschool this past Monday and he had no hesitation in signing Mike and I off. See ya. Get out of here so I can play. Hurtful. Here are a few pictures of their big days. Admittedly, Michael was having a bad hair day on his big day but I think he’s rocking t-shirt, new school kicks and general cuteness got him through the day. They also both started soccer in the last few weeks so it’s been busy around the Sly house. Poor Mike with his busy kids and crippled wife. BUT, I did start driving yesterday so at least I’m able to help by picking up the kids in the evenings.

I now have addiction, and it’s not the drugs

September 10, 2008

When the doctor told me I was going to have to be on Oxycotin after my surgery I asked if we could use something else. We’ve all seen the stories of normal people getting hooked on this drug and ruining their lives. But no, there would be no other drug that could do what I needed. I’ve now cut my Oxycotin dosage in half in both the morning and evening without any ill effects. They actually warned me that I might feel jittery, anxious, crabby (little do they know that’s my 24/7) and sleepless. I’ve only been on it just over two weeks but your body can depend on it that quickly. Lucky for me, I’ve noticed none of the symptoms above except for an expected increase in pain. But, I need pain as a reminder not to over do things (as I’m prone to doing). I’m hoping to ween myself off completely by next week. Soooo, what am I addicted to? “Lost”. A TV show. A friend from softball gave me the first season to borrow maybe two weeks ago and I’ve been an addict ever since. I’m now 3/4 the way through the third season trying to figure out how I’m going to watch season 4 (which isn’t out on DVD yet) before season 5 starts this fall. Oh, my life is difficult people. Don’t you feel for me? Just to let you know how bad the boredom has gotten, I just finished watching an ENTIRE episode of “Parental Controls” on MTV. I’m ashamed and embarrased and now I need to go for a walk and do some physical (and perhaps mental) therapy.

A lot can happen in a week

September 1, 2008

I’m sure I will ramble incoherently because so much has happened this week, and I am still on some fairly strong pain medications. Apologies in advance. First, Mike got a great promotion at work which is really exciting. He’ll be able to learn an entirely different function of the business and he’ll have at least five direct reports as an Operations Manager. That was the first bit of excitement. The second is that I had my pals Pat and Lacy drop their Golden Retriever off one day this week to keep me company. Her name is Laya and she’s very cute. The thing that killed me is that Seamus (the crazy cat) seemed to think that Laya was Griffey. It was sad and sweet all at the same time. Seamus kept following the dog and trying to rub up against her. Normally, when a random dog enters a house run by a cat the cat will either hide or give the dog a few swats with the paw. None of that from our friend Seamus, who clearly misses his pal as much as we do. Here are a few pictures of Seamus trying to get Laya to start acting like Griffey.


Hey, why you running from me dog?

Hey, why you running from me dog?

See, I knew you loved me

See, I knew you loved me

Moving on to the next fun thing, Michael turned four yesterday! He gave up the paci’s that he still used at bedtime with no trouble at all. He’s a big kid now, afterall. He is way too cool for himself. He is obessed with Star Wars and skateboards. I think Ryan Sheckler and Tony Hawk better watch their back, cause this kid’s got skills. Look, he’s popping a wheelie within three seconds on his Sponge Bob skateboard!

And finally, I’m healing really quickly (if you ask me, anyway). Today I even snuck out with Mike and the kids to go get new school shoes for Marian and Michael. Marian starts first grade tomorrow and Michael starts 4 year old preschool next Monday. Before I get all the emails telling me that I shouldn’t have snuck out, I did take my walker with me. Yes, you heard me correctly. I wore the back brace (on the outside of my shirt) and used the walker. I was a sight for sore eyes. I’m sure you can picture how cool I was looking and no…there won’t be a picture posted below.

Oh, and lastly, I’ve become completely obsessed with the show “Lost”. I watched all of the first season last week and Mike went and rented season two. I can’t wait!