I now have addiction, and it’s not the drugs

When the doctor told me I was going to have to be on Oxycotin after my surgery I asked if we could use something else. We’ve all seen the stories of normal people getting hooked on this drug and ruining their lives. But no, there would be no other drug that could do what I needed. I’ve now cut my Oxycotin dosage in half in both the morning and evening without any ill effects. They actually warned me that I might feel jittery, anxious, crabby (little do they know that’s my 24/7) and sleepless. I’ve only been on it just over two weeks but your body can depend on it that quickly. Lucky for me, I’ve noticed none of the symptoms above except for an expected increase in pain. But, I need pain as a reminder not to over do things (as I’m prone to doing). I’m hoping to ween myself off completely by next week. Soooo, what am I addicted to? “Lost”. A TV show. A friend from softball gave me the first season to borrow maybe two weeks ago and I’ve been an addict ever since. I’m now 3/4 the way through the third season trying to figure out how I’m going to watch season 4 (which isn’t out on DVD yet) before season 5 starts this fall. Oh, my life is difficult people. Don’t you feel for me? Just to let you know how bad the boredom has gotten, I just finished watching an ENTIRE episode of “Parental Controls” on MTV. I’m ashamed and embarrased and now I need to go for a walk and do some physical (and perhaps mental) therapy.


One Response to “I now have addiction, and it’s not the drugs”

  1. Casey King Says:

    Molly, we’re both able to kick the narcotics without any pesky addictions. Why don’t we just keep going- ya know, see what the fuss is about. I’m thinking cocaine next. If that doesn’t do it for us, we can try heroin. How’s next weekend sound?

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