Rotten children

First, let me start off this rant by saying that in no way are my complaints about this weekend comparable to anyone affected by Ike. My cousin Jerry and his family live near Houston and had to evacuate, but thankfully  they are safe and their house is without damage. My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much down there. Never the less, I am a petty person and now I’m going to let you know how our weekend was. We pretty much spent the entire weekend trying NOT to kill the children. They were beyond horrible this weekend. Saturday I was crabbier than I’ve ever been (think I cut back too much, too quickly on the Oxycotin) so I literally had to lock myself in the bedroom all day so as to shield my family from my wrath. Sunday was a bit better but the rain ALL weekend meant the kids had more energy to burn than normal and Mike and I had WAY less patience than normal. The kids also decided this weekend that they should be roomies. Mike and I were too exhausted to care where they slept, as long as they did. Marian has a bunk bed so Michael took the bottom bunk on Saturday night and they did ok.  Sunday though, Michael decided the bottom bunk is scary (kind of cave-like). When I went to tuck them in, the picture below is what I found. I was already feeling terrible and Mike and I had deemed ourselves the worst parents ever and then to see this have your heart melt. G-U-I-L-T!!! Funny that kids don’t even flinch when you take flash photos of them in the night. Hope your weekend was better than ours, and that next weekend is better for everyone!

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother


One Response to “Rotten children”

  1. ebritton Says:

    Oh My God, can they be any more cute? This brings back memories of me and my little brother….I love this story and picture, thanks for sharing.

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