He’s miserable

Michael has been home since yesterday with an ear infection (that he never mentioned or complained about), an eye infection (that made the outside of his eye look really not pretty) and a high fever. The fun part about the fever is that it only comes in the afternoon. Yesterday he hit 103 at about 4pm and today he hit 102 around 2pm. In the morning he’s still his normal 700 mile per hour nutcase and even with the fever, once he has the Motrin he’s all over the place again. Thus the reason I was snapping pictures of my pitiful sick kid in his comatose moment. Mostly this is just because it’s very rare that we see him sitting this still. Hopefully we can get through tomorrow without the fever coming back. In the meantime, I’m heading back to work next week. I got the all clear from the rehab doctor on Wednesday. I’ll start off at 20 hours per week and add to that as I can tolerate it. Thankfully my company is being so great with me on this. In fact, my department and one of the managers I supported are sending us a cleaning lady for four sessions. We are SOOOOOOO excited about this. Obviously the floors (and several other areas) have been very neglected these last four weeks.

Could he be more miserable?

Poor, poor little man

Watching "The Bee Movie" - in his own private hell

Watching a movie in his own private hell


2 Responses to “He’s miserable”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Why go back? It’s not like I am going to be there anyway, what fun would it be?

    Hope you (and Michael) are feeling better. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. Rob Mulcahy Says:

    Yo Molly! I’m digging the Blog. You are one funny mo fo’!
    -Your favorite 3rd cousin Rob

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