Snore-fest ’08

Um….hi. Remember me? Yeah, it’s been a while since my last post. Wow, I sound like I’m in a confessional. It has been 27 years since my last confession. Ok, truth is – we’ve been really boring lately. Not to say that we aren’t boring on a regular basis. Lately we’ve been more so than usual. Perhaps it’s because I’m working full time again? Maybe it’s because by the time we get home, feed the darling children, go to soccer or whatever – I’m exhausted. Aren’t you glad you are spending time reading this page-turning post? Oh yes, it will be long enough for pages. Plural. Just kidding. I’m not that mean. The kids are doing well. Michael has been getting words mixed up, which is comical. I usually wait a few times before correcting him because sometimes it’s just too funny. Mother of the year. You know it.

Michael: Mom, will you do me a favorite?

Me: What?

Michael: Will you color with me?

Isn’t that just adorable? And no, I didn’t correct him the first time. The third time was when I decided I should be a good parent. Halloween is consuming our lives. The house is all decked out and the kids can’t decide on what to be. They’ve changed a million times. A banana. No, a monkey. No, Spiderman… Needless to say we’ll wait until the week of Halloween to get costumes. Ok, I’ll stop torturing you. Go about your business. Hopefully something exciting, or amusing at the very least, will happen soon.


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