Our little Jack-O-Lantern

Another fun filled, action packed and therefore unproductive weekend with the Sly family. These weekends are lovely and yet then we are left scrambling Sunday night to get everything done. We went costume shopping, had soccer games, birthday parties, get-togethers and pumpkin carving. Oh, and the Spartans won while Mike sat, smushed like a bug, in the Big House watching. Marian’s goal for the weekend was to get rid of her front tooth. It had been loose and dangling for some time. Saturday she and I took turns tugging on it and then Sunday she yanked it out herself. She was so proud. I’m sure she’s just a money hungry little girl, but I still love her. Though this is the third tooth she’s lost, it’s the first actual one to go under her pillow. The first tooth was lost on the soccer field so she wrote a note to the Toothfairy to leave under the pillow. The second tooth came out while camping but thankfully the Toothfairy travels. So, this is a momentous evening for us. Tomorrow we have Marian’s parent-teacher conference. Afterwards I’m going to make what sounds like a very heart healthy tater-tot casserole. I’m hoping the kids will like it and tell me that I’m the best maker. Yes, that’s what they say when they like my cooking. “Mom, you are the best maker”. Adorable, yes? Little do they know that I am so very not the best maker. Not even a little bit. Check out Marian’s new grin.


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