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I’m never happy

November 17, 2008

A few weeks ago I was offered a free pass to a huge recruiting conference in Orlando. I was so excited for a few reasons. One, I always learn a lot at these conferences. Two, I have to Twitter about the sessions I sit in and then write an article at the end of it to be published in a recruiting blog. Thirdly, I would have two days where I can sleep well (without being awakened by my children or the annoying cat). Today as I was packing I had lost my zest. I was sad to be leaving Mike and the kids. A few weeks ago I was happy for the break I would get and now I’m sitting here wishing I was home with them.


Fun with hair products

November 3, 2008

If you’ve ever seen me, you’ll know that I’m not so skilled in the hair department. So, it would make perfect sense that we would get crazy with the kids’ hair for Halloween this year. Not really, but as I’ve said time and time again…I’m not so smart. Marian was a devil this year. I told her that was great because we could save money by not buying her a costume. Ha! Get it? She’s already a devil? Whoo, I slay me. She asked if I was just kidding. I lied and said yes. She made sure to tell everyone she could about my comment (as did I ’cause it was such a good one, right?). To enhance her costume, we sprayed red streaks in her hair and let her wear black lipstick. She looked really cute. Now I won’t fight her if she decides to go “goth” in middle school. Michael was Superman. We thought it would be adorable to slick his hair back with hair glue and then spray it black. We were mistaken. He did not appreciate the hair glue and he cried when we were spraying his hair black. Party pooper! This explains why his hair is only black in the front. Mike and I thought we were brilliant with the finished products/children. We failed to think about getting all the gunk out the next day. We had to wash Michael’s hair FOUR times and there are still some faded black streaks in his blond locks. In the end, it was an adventure and they had a great time. Plus, they played Ghosts in the Graveyard for the first time with 12 other kids until about 10pm. The weather was wonderful and it’s safe to say this was our best Halloween yet!