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Merry Ho Ho from the Slys

December 23, 2008

This has been a crazy year for the Sly family and I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t send out Christmas cards. I have prepared several excuses for why and if you’ll humor me, I’ll name just a few. One, the surgeries made me too sore to take pictures of my beautiful children and hoof it to Costco. Two, our laptop died with all the pictures and the camera software on it. Three, the sun was in my eyes. Ultimately there was a ball, and I dropped it. Now everyday we are opening Christmas cards with those great pictures of your kids and I feel really guilty. So, my solution is this blog post. It’s a feeble attempt, but it’s all I can do with Christmas just a few days away. We tried to take the kids to see Santa twice in order to get a picture for you all. The first time Santa was all booked up so we were sent away, with Marian crying and Michael wondering where we could eat. The second time Mike took them in -18 degree weather only to have Santa’s helpers experiencing technical difficulties with their computer system. Thus, Mike took the shot below with his camera. I think it’s so blurry because the sun was in his eyes. Who knew that this Michigan winter would be such a sunny one?

All kidding aside, we are really thankful for our family, all of our wonderful friends, our health and that both Mike and I are lucky enough to still have jobs. I hope you all (all three of you who read this blog) have a wonderful holiday! Though I said I wouldn’t, I’m going to spoil the kids again on Christmas morning and enjoy every minute of it. Who knows what 2009 will bring, but after our 2008 I am ready to welcome it with open arms. Enjoy the blurry picture of the kids and their main man Santa. Sorry they are squinting. It’s the sun. You know. In their eyes.



Tagged to be random

December 7, 2008

I went to Orlando last month for a recruiting conference and met Maren Hogan. She was very cool, very funny and she’s really well known in the industry. I thought she was my new friend but once I got home I saw that she tagged me for a stirring game of blog tag. Oh, I kid. I’m actually honored that she thought to tag me. So, I’m it and per usual, I’ve been remiss in following through. I have to post six random things about myself. Then, I have to tag six other people and finally, link back to the person who tagged me (Marenated). So, here it goes – all the things you may know but have forgotten, didn’t know and don’t care to, whatever…there’s something for everyone!

1) I moved 11 times before I was 14. No, we weren’t military nor were we on the run from the law (as far as you know anyway).

2) My maiden name was Hussey. Let’s just say it was a character builder.

3) Jay Leno put our wedding announcement on his show. Sly/Hussey wedding party.

4) I live a condiment free life, and I won’t apologize for it. No ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise shall cross these lips.

5) In college I got out of a ticket by promising the officer that I would do anything (well, not ANYTHING – get your heads out of the gutter) and that I would even adopt a highway if he would let me go. It worked!

6) My body is aging in dog years. At 8 my ankles started cracking. Bursitis in my shoulder at 11. Three back surgeries. Knee scoped two weeks ago!

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Ok, enough about me. Here’s who I’m tagging. The first four are friends of mine with their personal blogs. The second two are very hilarious mom-bloggers that are too famous for me but I’m tagging them anyway. So there.

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