Tagged to be random

I went to Orlando last month for a recruiting conference and met Maren Hogan. She was very cool, very funny and she’s really well known in the industry. I thought she was my new friend but once I got home I saw that she tagged me for a stirring game of blog tag. Oh, I kid. I’m actually honored that she thought to tag me. So, I’m it and per usual, I’ve been remiss in following through. I have to post six random things about myself. Then, I have to tag six other people and finally, link back to the person who tagged me (Marenated). So, here it goes – all the things you may know but have forgotten, didn’t know and don’t care to, whatever…there’s something for everyone!

1) I moved 11 times before I was 14. No, we weren’t military nor were we on the run from the law (as far as you know anyway).

2) My maiden name was Hussey. Let’s just say it was a character builder.

3) Jay Leno put our wedding announcement on his show. Sly/Hussey wedding party.

4) I live a condiment free life, and I won’t apologize for it. No ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise shall cross these lips.

5) In college I got out of a ticket by promising the officer that I would do anything (well, not ANYTHING – get your heads out of the gutter) and that I would even adopt a highway if he would let me go. It worked!

6) My body is aging in dog years. At 8 my ankles started cracking. Bursitis in my shoulder at 11. Three back surgeries. Knee scoped two weeks ago!

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Ok, enough about me. Here’s who I’m tagging. The first four are friends of mine with their personal blogs. The second two are very hilarious mom-bloggers that are too famous for me but I’m tagging them anyway. So there.

Amelia Sava

Your mom…

My Life So Far…

Hamkins Family

Suburban Bliss

Notes from the Trenches


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