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Even our pets are freaks

April 22, 2009

I’ve decided that everyone in our house is a freak. I’m sure that anyone that knows us had figured this out long ago. Mike and I are beyond help in most ways. We’re both falling apart physically (he had the most recent injury – a separated shoulder from basketball) and I think it’s safe to say that our mental state isn’t too solid either. The kids are crazy as well. They have more energy thanI can try to describe for you, so I won’t bother. At the moment they are both playing soccer and hockey, and yet, the demons do not calm down. It is the way it is and so we go on. The happy, crazy, loud and energized children followed by two old, gimpy, incoherent and crabby parents. This in itself is a lovely picture, but then I’ll throw in our lovable, yet quirky, pets.

Shamus, the cat-dog, that I’ve mentioned before in this blog. He is an indoor-outdoor cat. He likes to hunt and then play with his rodent and winged victims. He goes outside, rain or shine. In fact, he went out with the kids after we had gotten a foot or so of snow.


Our most recent pet is one that has turned Shamus’s life upside down a bit. As if life wasn’t hectic enough, I made a complete impulse buy one Friday a few weeks ago. His name is Murphy. He’s a Golden Retriever and he reminds me a lot of Griffey. Murphy can be in our front yard off leash and not dash off (unless he’s chasing Shamus into the street). He often escapes the backyard fence only to run to the front door and wait for us to let him in. Tonight for example, he was outside for a long time. I was getting ready to go for a walk when I looked out the front window to see the silly dog sitting in one of the chairs on our front porch. He was free and yet he didn’t dash off to explore the neighborhood. He just took a seat on the porch and waited for us to open up and let him in. So, I threw the leash on Murphy and then off we went for a walk. With Shamus always five steps in front of or behind us. It’s quite a sight. Here’s a picture of Murphy the day we got him. I think he’s about 14 weeks old right now, give or take.

They love Murphy, though they could do without him always trying to bite their fingers off.

They love Murphy, though they could do without him always trying to bite their fingers off.