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Anybody home????

July 31, 2009

I’m trying to talk one of my friends into starting a blog because she just moved across the country to Texas with her husband and two kids. Michigan to Texas – there are bound to be tons of great stories to tell, right? So, after giving her the peer pressure I thought it quite hypocritical of myself for failing to update my blog in four months. I originally started this blog because I’m one of those bad moms that doesn’t scrapbook. My children won’t have memory books. They’ll have this blog. Pity them, these children of mine. The one thing I plan to leave them so they can see how they tortured me grew and evolved and I can’t even keep it current. I’m going to jump back in now, you know, for the good of the children.

As for the last four months, they are in the past. Let us focus on the future. In fact, the Sly family has been fairly boring since April so no one has missed anything. Well, maybe just a few things:

  • Michael learning to ride a two-wheeler at age 4.
  • Marian trying out for and making a U9 premier soccer team.
  • Both kids took a hockey clinic. Mikey will keep it up. Marian only has eyes for soccer.
  • I gave up carbs, and am still alive to talk about it.
  • Mike developed a new love for the flowers that he planted (if he had the last glass of water on earth and was forced to decide between the flowers or his wife I would die a slow, thirsty death)