Morning glory

This morning I woke up to drag myself to the gym before work. I am lucky enough to now be working from home with a reduced schedule of 30 hours a week. I’m able to go to the gym for an hour and still be back home by 7:30am. When I get home Mike can leave for work and then I shower, get the kids ready and drop them off at school. I am spoiled for having this schedule. Although, at the moment I don’t feel spoiled. I feel sore. Even typing this is making the muscles (or lack thereof) in my arms hurt. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I’ve only been going to the gym for three days now. It’s painfully obvious to me and my body that I haven’t been to a gym in over a year…or seven. Ok, sorry, back to this morning and how it was so different than most. I came in from the gym and both of the kids were still asleep at 7:30am which is a major rarity in the Sly household. I started making their lunches when I began to hear little voices. It took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn’t hearing the TV yet and that’s typically the first thing they do when they wake up. They sit on the couch and zone out for a few minutes while they wake up. Not today though. After about ten minutes I went to see what they were doing and why they were being so quiet. I followed their low voices down the hall and found them in the “office”.

**Keep in mind, we’re in the throws of changing Michael’s old room into an office for me so the kids are sharing Marian’s room. I reference this because of the amount of junk you will see when you view the picture below.

Morning kids September 2009 001

She’s helping him play a game on Webkinz! How cute is that? I love their bed head. It’s nothing compared to my bed head and for that they should be very thankful. The TV never didget turned on this morning. They went from this to eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and then playing house until it was time to leave for school. They were both bummed to have to stop playing together and I quickly assured them that the good times could resume this afternoon when they returned from school. This was a great start to the day and one that I want to be sure to remember, especially when they are sulking teenagers that hate their parents and each other. I’ll make them read this post over and over until they hug it out and profess their love for each other (and their super awesome mom).


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