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Play on, playa

March 25, 2010
  • There’s a little girl in Michael’s class that has loved him since the beginning of the year. She sent home a present with Michael that was wrapped with a bow on top. He told me she kissed him on the lips for no reason. He says “for no reason” whenever he’s telling stories. He opened her gift in the car and it was a cool magnet set.

Me:   Wow, that’s nice. Is she your friend?

Him:  Um, no…I think she’s my girlfriend. (pause) Yeah, she’s definitely my girlfriend.

  • I went to pick him up from school yesterday and a little girl there (NOT his girlfriend) told me to please tell Michael that she thinks he’s funny. She also called me mom. I thought it odd. I got in the car and Michael told me she said she was going to marry him. Clearly she already thinks that I’m her mother-in-law.
  • I dropped him off at daycare last week and his class was in the gym. They were having running races and the boys were going first. Michael jumped in line to race all the other boys and I stayed to watch. Once the race started I didn’t even watch him because my attention was focused on the girls in the class who were waiting for their turn. They were ALL chanting “GO MIKEY” for the duration of the race.

 This boy child of mine has a way with the ladies. It’s cute and adorable at age five but I’m not at all looking forward to middle school and high school with this guy. His latest bit of fun is his new haircut that we got yesterday. He’s been asking for a mohawk for a few months now. We finally gave in yesterday. Amy, the stylist, thought it would be best to give him a style that we can spike up when we want to. So, it’s not a total mohawk but that’s ok, baby steps.



March 25, 2010

This week is spirit week at Marian’s school. Yesterday was mismatched day. Marian and I had some fun finding all kinds of odd things to make an outfit. We even got a little crazy and put her hair in uneven pigtails. Truth be told, I actually tried to do normal pigtails but I’m just really not talented when it comes to hair (as is obvious by looking at me). We sprayed a little red onto her hair to complete the outfit. I was surprised she was getting so in to it because while she’s only seven, she already cares about what others think. I was so happy she was excited to look goofy without remorse. We had just dropped Michael off at school when the fear started to set in for her.

Her:     Mom, are you sure today is mismatched day?

Me:      I’m certain of it.

Her:     You read the sheet so fast…

Me:      Honey, I am sure (now starting to doubt myself a little and worried that she’ll be the laughing stock of the school if I’m wrong)

Her:     It could be crazy hat day

Me:      Fine, I’ll call the neighbors and confirm (I was actually nervous at this point but ha ha. HA HA!! I was right. Of course. Mother is always right!)


March 23, 2010

I know that my lack of posting is only hurting me, my only reader and number one fan. The reason for starting this blog, aside from being laid up before and after back surgery over a year ago, was so that I would have something to share with the kids as they grow so they can see what we were up to at various stages of their lives. I was never a scrapbooker so I figured this was the lazy mom’s way to make up for it. We’ve just been so busy lately. Both kids have been playing a lot of sports, an absolute necessity especially for Michael and his hyperactive ways.

My businesses are both going well. My independent recruiting business, Hire Logic LLC, is keeping me busy which is great. I also love the work I’m doing as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. The products are the best ever and the money is good and getting better. I look forward to the day when I might be able to walk away from recruiting altogether and just focus on Rodan + Fields. It’s much more fun!

The reason for leaving my stable corporate position was to make life easier for the kids and for the family as a whole. So far I would say it’s been a huge success. I’m volunteering at the kids’ schools and we don’t have to utilize latchkey. The kids and I get a lot more time together and this will all be even more important next year when Michael starts kindergarten. I enjoy being accountable to myself from a business perspective. The only downside of this arrangement is that I raid the pantry far too often. That’s something that has to change.

We got a new puppy last week because, you know, life wasn’t hectic enough. Our pal Pat sent pictures of puppies that were Husky/Golden Retriever mixes. That’s all it took because Mike and I are suckers. I’ve spent the last week working and wiping up puppy pee-pee. I’ve been asking myself why a lot this week. That said, Maggie (Marian named her. I wanted a non-M name but was overruled) is super cute and her and Murphy have already become best buds. Here are a few pictures.