This week is spirit week at Marian’s school. Yesterday was mismatched day. Marian and I had some fun finding all kinds of odd things to make an outfit. We even got a little crazy and put her hair in uneven pigtails. Truth be told, I actually tried to do normal pigtails but I’m just really not talented when it comes to hair (as is obvious by looking at me). We sprayed a little red onto her hair to complete the outfit. I was surprised she was getting so in to it because while she’s only seven, she already cares about what others think. I was so happy she was excited to look goofy without remorse. We had just dropped Michael off at school when the fear started to set in for her.

Her:     Mom, are you sure today is mismatched day?

Me:      I’m certain of it.

Her:     You read the sheet so fast…

Me:      Honey, I am sure (now starting to doubt myself a little and worried that she’ll be the laughing stock of the school if I’m wrong)

Her:     It could be crazy hat day

Me:      Fine, I’ll call the neighbors and confirm (I was actually nervous at this point but ha ha. HA HA!! I was right. Of course. Mother is always right!)


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