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I can’t forget these

July 28, 2010

Michael said something the other day that made me realize that while I want my children to speak proper English there are just some words I never corrected them on. They were too cute. Not only did I not correct them, I actually mourned the day when they came home and said the word correctly. I wanted someone to blame. Here’s a reenacted conversation of when Marian stopped saying pupcake. Pupcake…instead of cupcake! Seriously, can it get any cuter? That was my favorite one and I never once corrected her. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Me:      How was the birthday party?

Her:     Fun.

Me (thinking she already answers like a teenager): Well, what did you guys do?

Her:     We bounced, had cupcakes and got a prize.

Me (taken aback):  What? What did you say? You had cupcakes

Her (confused):  Yes, we had cupcakes.

Me:      What happened to pupcakes? Who did this? WHO TOLD YOU?!? Go to your room young lady!!!

Maybe it didn’t play out exactly like that but I really did question her when she said cupcake for the first time. She just laughed it off and said that one of her friends asked her what she had just said and then told her the correct pronunciation. You know, something her mother should have done.

The good news is that just the other day I heard Michael say something about pupcakes so I secretly did a little dance. I also loved that the computer used to be called the MACputer. Oh, and for the record, my kids will be attending college at Michigan Steak instead of Michigan State.


Sisterly Love

July 3, 2010

I hope one day that Mikey realizes what a good big sister Marian is to him. She can still be a moody little creature and feisty at times but then she does these nice things that no one would notice. But those little things are huge! This morning I took the kids out to eat at our favorite little breakfast restaurant where they all know us. Usually the kids wolf down their food at this place. Today, however, Michael didn’t eat his breakfast. As we were leaving the owner of the place asked the kids if they were ready for their suckers. I told him we should probably pass on the suckers because “Trouble” (the man’s nickname for Michael) didn’t eat his breakfast. “Oh”, he said, “then they need two suckers!”. The kids picked out their suckers but in the car I told Michael he couldn’t have his yet because he hadn’t eaten. I may have also lectured him on the cost of food, why his parents both work and that there are children that go without food for days so isn’t he lucky. Yes, a bit heavy for a five-year old but I digress. After a brief stop at the house we then ran to the grocery store where both kids were very helpful. They didn’t ask for everything under the sun and while Michael did ask for Skittles, he fully accepted my answer of no without question or combat. When we left I said he could now have a sucker. He said he had left them at home. Marian piped up and said they could each have one of hers. She hadn’t had one yet because she hadn’t wanted Michael to feel bad. I never (NEVER) would have been so kind to my brother when I was her age. I didn’t even notice that she wasn’t having her sucker after we left breakfast. It was a kind little gesture, but it made my heart swell.