I can’t forget these

Michael said something the other day that made me realize that while I want my children to speak proper English there are just some words I never corrected them on. They were too cute. Not only did I not correct them, I actually mourned the day when they came home and said the word correctly. I wanted someone to blame. Here’s a reenacted conversation of when Marian stopped saying pupcake. Pupcake…instead of cupcake! Seriously, can it get any cuter? That was my favorite one and I never once corrected her. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Me:      How was the birthday party?

Her:     Fun.

Me (thinking she already answers like a teenager): Well, what did you guys do?

Her:     We bounced, had cupcakes and got a prize.

Me (taken aback):  What? What did you say? You had cupcakes

Her (confused):  Yes, we had cupcakes.

Me:      What happened to pupcakes? Who did this? WHO TOLD YOU?!? Go to your room young lady!!!

Maybe it didn’t play out exactly like that but I really did question her when she said cupcake for the first time. She just laughed it off and said that one of her friends asked her what she had just said and then told her the correct pronunciation. You know, something her mother should have done.

The good news is that just the other day I heard Michael say something about pupcakes so I secretly did a little dance. I also loved that the computer used to be called the MACputer. Oh, and for the record, my kids will be attending college at Michigan Steak instead of Michigan State.


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