Check Yes or No

My darling daughter is a creative genius. This morning as I was working at the computer she slipped this onto the keyboard. I found myself laughing out loud.

She loves her Dunkin Donuts! She played up with her love for me which went straight to some much needed mom validation and finally finishing strong with the sympathy card. I think my favorite part is where she says, “speaking of that”, as though she was just writing me this lovely note which caused her to realize she might like a donut. She’s going places and yes, one of those places is Dunkin Donuts today.


One Response to “Check Yes or No”

  1. Summer Says:

    crack me UP! I remember my mom saving a note which I wrote her when I was younger saying “mom will you please rub my back I had a really bad day” with an unhappy face. I guess I should have played up the ‘love’ card a little more.. but I think I got that back massage after all! 😉

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