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The time really does fly

September 7, 2010

Today was the first day of school. Marian is starting third grade (one of my favorite grades growing up) and Mikey is hitting the big time in kindergarten. They were both eager yet anxious this morning. We took our obligatory pictures in front of the tree outside. Here are some comparisons from the years past. I’m missing a few pivotal pictures, like Marian’s first day of kindergarten, because of our old computer crashing. Still, you can see that I need to stop feeding these two to try to gain control over the growing and the aging.

Marian third grade, Mikey kindergarten

Marian second, Mikey young fives

Marian first grade, Mikey preschool (holding her lunchbox)

Marian 4yo preschool, Mikey just along for the ride