The Best Job (most days)

Over the weekend I read this by Chris over at Alphamom. In this post she challenged us to write about the best part of being a mom. That’s quite a challenge. I didn’t think I could find just one thing. Especially now that the kids are getting older and they are developing some great personalities. They are VERY funny. There is a lot of laughter in this house and it’s just as I would want it to be. There are so many other things too I didn’t think I could possibly pick one. But then it came to me. It was something that happened last Thursday night. Let me set the scene:

We had no practices. No games. Just time. Mike brought out two twin bed mattresses, plopped them on the living room floor and sent the kids on a mission for blankets and pillows. They have never moved so fast. An unplanned movie night and snuggle fest to boot! We watched “Legend of the Guardians” (it’s this great owl movie and if you haven’t seen it run out and rent it immediately!). There was a part in the movie where two owl brothers are kidnapped. One brother chooses to leave his other brother in hopes of impressing the kidnappers. He effectively chose to be separated from his brother in the hope for bigger and better things. It was a hard moment. Michael looked over at Marian. Marian, if that was us, would you have left me? She quickly assured him that she would have stayed with him no matter what. His six-year-old self was relieved. I was touched.

There it is, my favorite part of being a mother is witnessing and relishing in the love my children have for each other. We are constantly telling them that they are each other’s best friend. That there isn’t another person in their childhood that they will have played with more or have shared more secrets, giggles and memories with. Friends will come and go but they will always need to be there for each other.

Don’t get me wrong, they bicker plenty too but I’m happy to say that they get along more than they fight. Maybe our oldest being a girl helps. She’s very compassionate with her little brother. That compassion is waning a bit as she’s nearing the age of nine, which seems to be the equivalent to being a teenager. Who knows what the future will bring but my hope for these two as they grow is that they continue to be goofy with and supportive of each other and that their bond strengthens with every year.

Below are links to a few of my favorite posts about this topic. I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in the last two years. I should go back and look through this blog more often!

This one has a great note from Marian (damn you auto-correct!)

This one snuck up on me. It really is the little things.

This one’s over a year old but was a great “together” moment.

This was my first post about their concern for each other. It was over two years ago. Michael was just about to turn four. Motorcycles are involved for those thrill-seekers out there!


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