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May 10, 2011

I still cannot grasp the fact that you are nine today.  It seems like just yesterday we were holding you while you screamed…and screamed! I will tell you that I wouldn’t change a minute of that screaming because it had something to do with making you who you are today. You are such an amazing little girl and I’ll never stop feeling like I’ve won the lottery by having you as my daughter.

This last year has been an exciting and busy one but I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t think you would either. Soccer continues to be your favorite sport and you love playing for the Force. You are quite the little soccer player and dad and I always look forward to watching you play. Your sense of adventure and willingness to try anything both amazed and terrified me this year. You played baseball for the first time on an all boys team. You were a little tentative the first practice but you played well and quickly became just one of the guys. You are always up for a visit to the skateboard park. This winter we went skiing for the first time and wow! Your first day you had gone up every chairlift and down every hill. You were hooked and your passion for skiing prompted us to take a ski trip up north, of which there will be many more. You’re a waterslide-aholic, you’ve tried boogie boarding and skim boarding. I think water skiing will be in your future this summer. I love that you have no fear and for the times you do, you put it behind you and forge ahead.  This fearlessness of yours is also the thing that will give your parents ulcers and more gray hair than we already have.

Third grade has been a great year for you and one that I really think you’ll remember. You love your teacher and you love your friends. Third grade was also our first exposure to letter grades on report cards. The only letters you’ve brought home this year are A’s and again, your parents could not be more proud. You have a desire to succeed and to do well and you are so very bright. You are going to great things. Of this I am certain.

Did I mention that you are funny? Oh my, you are funny. You have developed quite a little sense of humor this past year. You have also mastered the art of sarcasm. I’m sure that anyone who knows your mom and dad aren’t at all surprised by that. While many think you are more mature than your age, and you are, you still have plenty of goofy moments. I love the silly moments.

You are kind. You are compassionate. You are funny. You are smart and you are beautiful. You have a smile that can shatter any foul mood. Your heart is bigger than you are. You definitely have a feisty streak in you and your will is strong so you keep us on our toes. Your father and I adore you and we wonder how we got so lucky to have you. Year eight was such great year to watch you grow. I can only imagine what this next year will bring. As always, we will be there to watch you every step of the way and we’ll love every minute of it. Happy Birthday Marian Sly!!!