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Hopkins – oh how you torture me

July 26, 2008

Is anyone else watching this show? It’s like Grey’s Anatomy except that it’s real (and there’s a lot less sex). It’s a six week documentary of the doctors and residents at John Hopkins Hospital. For some reason, I am drawn to these shows and can often be found watching such programs on the Discovery Health channel as well. However, the last two episodes of Hopkins have involved children and parents going through things I can’t imagine. So, I sit crying and feeling terrible for these people. I also feel so lucky and blessed that we don’t have any of these horrible things in our life. Finally, I feel scared that any of our lives can change for the worse in an instant. I want to bubble wrap my kids to secure their safety until their 100th birthday, at least. This is no way to live and yet I ask myself if I’ll watch Hopkins next week. The answer, though I can’t explain it, is most likely, probably…definitely. Mike thinks I’m a raving lunatic on this topic. He wouldn’t even watch ER back in the day or Grey’s Anatomy even though it’s “make believe”. So, I will continue to torture myself and he will continue to think I’m a nutcase. We are perfect for each other!


Perhaps I forgot to mention how I’m not so smart…

July 24, 2008

…and then, perhaps it just goes without saying. But, to add to the crippling (I’m exaggerating a bit) back problems I have, I also have to have knee surgery. See, it all started when six months ago the back got bad again and the doctors said surgery and I said, no, I think I can do therapy on my own. Then, with it hurting every day I decided I would still live my life and do what I want. I figured I would get better or get worse. Then, softball season started and we have a very fun and very undefeated team and I really wanted to play. So, I strapped on this huge back brace for each game and I gave up playing infield so I wouldn’t have to bend over as much. Four games in to the season something bad happened to the cartilage in my right knee while I was running to first. I’m sure I was overcompensating for the back and that’s why I hurt the knee. So, I was scheduled to have my knee scoped and fixed on June 28th, exactly two days prior to having to call an ambulance because my back was so bad that I couldn’t stand. So, now the question is – which to fix first. I’m thinking knee because I would think I’ll need two solid legs to stand on if I’m having major back surgery. So, there. I’ve fessed up as you’ll all find out sooner or later. No worries, I’ve been yelled at by everyone I know (except those on my softball team). I’ve learned my lesson. Listen to your body Molly. Take care of yourself Molly. Don’t be so reckless, Molly. Got it! Hear you loud and clear. But, next year I’ll be the bionic woman after all these surgeries – so look out world!

I’ll leave you with this. It happens so rarely I had to grab the camera. My children. Playing quietly. Together. For more than five minutes. Call the records books people!!