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Morning glory

September 29, 2009

This morning I woke up to drag myself to the gym before work. I am lucky enough to now be working from home with a reduced schedule of 30 hours a week. I’m able to go to the gym for an hour and still be back home by 7:30am. When I get home Mike can leave for work and then I shower, get the kids ready and drop them off at school. I am spoiled for having this schedule. Although, at the moment I don’t feel spoiled. I feel sore. Even typing this is making the muscles (or lack thereof) in my arms hurt. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I’ve only been going to the gym for three days now. It’s painfully obvious to me and my body that I haven’t been to a gym in over a year…or seven. Ok, sorry, back to this morning and how it was so different than most. I came in from the gym and both of the kids were still asleep at 7:30am which is a major rarity in the Sly household. I started making their lunches when I began to hear little voices. It took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn’t hearing the TV yet and that’s typically the first thing they do when they wake up. They sit on the couch and zone out for a few minutes while they wake up. Not today though. After about ten minutes I went to see what they were doing and why they were being so quiet. I followed their low voices down the hall and found them in the “office”.

**Keep in mind, we’re in the throws of changing Michael’s old room into an office for me so the kids are sharing Marian’s room. I reference this because of the amount of junk you will see when you view the picture below.

Morning kids September 2009 001

She’s helping him play a game on Webkinz! How cute is that? I love their bed head. It’s nothing compared to my bed head and for that they should be very thankful. The TV never didget turned on this morning. They went from this to eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and then playing house until it was time to leave for school. They were both bummed to have to stop playing together and I quickly assured them that the good times could resume this afternoon when they returned from school. This was a great start to the day and one that I want to be sure to remember, especially when they are sulking teenagers that hate their parents and each other. I’ll make them read this post over and over until they hug it out and profess their love for each other (and their super awesome mom).


Our little Jack-O-Lantern

October 27, 2008

Another fun filled, action packed and therefore unproductive weekend with the Sly family. These weekends are lovely and yet then we are left scrambling Sunday night to get everything done. We went costume shopping, had soccer games, birthday parties, get-togethers and pumpkin carving. Oh, and the Spartans won while Mike sat, smushed like a bug, in the Big House watching. Marian’s goal for the weekend was to get rid of her front tooth. It had been loose and dangling for some time. Saturday she and I took turns tugging on it and then Sunday she yanked it out herself. She was so proud. I’m sure she’s just a money hungry little girl, but I still love her. Though this is the third tooth she’s lost, it’s the first actual one to go under her pillow. The first tooth was lost on the soccer field so she wrote a note to the Toothfairy to leave under the pillow. The second tooth came out while camping but thankfully the Toothfairy travels. So, this is a momentous evening for us. Tomorrow we have Marian’s parent-teacher conference. Afterwards I’m going to make what sounds like a very heart healthy tater-tot casserole. I’m hoping the kids will like it and tell me that I’m the best maker. Yes, that’s what they say when they like my cooking. “Mom, you are the best maker”. Adorable, yes? Little do they know that I am so very not the best maker. Not even a little bit. Check out Marian’s new grin.

Rotten children

September 15, 2008

First, let me start off this rant by saying that in no way are my complaints about this weekend comparable to anyone affected by Ike. My cousin Jerry and his family live near Houston and had to evacuate, but thankfully  they are safe and their house is without damage. My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much down there. Never the less, I am a petty person and now I’m going to let you know how our weekend was. We pretty much spent the entire weekend trying NOT to kill the children. They were beyond horrible this weekend. Saturday I was crabbier than I’ve ever been (think I cut back too much, too quickly on the Oxycotin) so I literally had to lock myself in the bedroom all day so as to shield my family from my wrath. Sunday was a bit better but the rain ALL weekend meant the kids had more energy to burn than normal and Mike and I had WAY less patience than normal. The kids also decided this weekend that they should be roomies. Mike and I were too exhausted to care where they slept, as long as they did. Marian has a bunk bed so Michael took the bottom bunk on Saturday night and they did ok.  Sunday though, Michael decided the bottom bunk is scary (kind of cave-like). When I went to tuck them in, the picture below is what I found. I was already feeling terrible and Mike and I had deemed ourselves the worst parents ever and then to see this have your heart melt. G-U-I-L-T!!! Funny that kids don’t even flinch when you take flash photos of them in the night. Hope your weekend was better than ours, and that next weekend is better for everyone!

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother

Marian sleeping with her scared little brother

A lot can happen in a week

September 1, 2008

I’m sure I will ramble incoherently because so much has happened this week, and I am still on some fairly strong pain medications. Apologies in advance. First, Mike got a great promotion at work which is really exciting. He’ll be able to learn an entirely different function of the business and he’ll have at least five direct reports as an Operations Manager. That was the first bit of excitement. The second is that I had my pals Pat and Lacy drop their Golden Retriever off one day this week to keep me company. Her name is Laya and she’s very cute. The thing that killed me is that Seamus (the crazy cat) seemed to think that Laya was Griffey. It was sad and sweet all at the same time. Seamus kept following the dog and trying to rub up against her. Normally, when a random dog enters a house run by a cat the cat will either hide or give the dog a few swats with the paw. None of that from our friend Seamus, who clearly misses his pal as much as we do. Here are a few pictures of Seamus trying to get Laya to start acting like Griffey.


Hey, why you running from me dog?

Hey, why you running from me dog?

See, I knew you loved me

See, I knew you loved me

Moving on to the next fun thing, Michael turned four yesterday! He gave up the paci’s that he still used at bedtime with no trouble at all. He’s a big kid now, afterall. He is way too cool for himself. He is obessed with Star Wars and skateboards. I think Ryan Sheckler and Tony Hawk better watch their back, cause this kid’s got skills. Look, he’s popping a wheelie within three seconds on his Sponge Bob skateboard!

And finally, I’m healing really quickly (if you ask me, anyway). Today I even snuck out with Mike and the kids to go get new school shoes for Marian and Michael. Marian starts first grade tomorrow and Michael starts 4 year old preschool next Monday. Before I get all the emails telling me that I shouldn’t have snuck out, I did take my walker with me. Yes, you heard me correctly. I wore the back brace (on the outside of my shirt) and used the walker. I was a sight for sore eyes. I’m sure you can picture how cool I was looking and no…there won’t be a picture posted below.

Oh, and lastly, I’ve become completely obsessed with the show “Lost”. I watched all of the first season last week and Mike went and rented season two. I can’t wait!

The kid had a happy birthday

August 17, 2008

We had Mikey’s birthday party a mere 2 1/2 weeks early because I wanted to make sure I could be up and around for it. It was very last minute and smaller than our usual, but it was a great day. We had a bouncer our friends brought over and our two story inflatable water slide set up. The kids all had fun and were entertained which in turn allowed the adults to sit around and jibber jabber. Sorry, haven’t used that term in a long time. It was due. Anyway, he LOVED all his presents and it was a beautiful day. He thinks he’s four now (only three years before he cracks open his first beer), but he isn’t until the 31st.

In the meantime, my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. I probably won’t post again for at least a week and even then it will be through a drug induced fog. Apologies in advance for whatever I say! Here are a few pics of the birthday boy (handsome fella that he is).

Waiting patiently for card to be read

Waiting patiently for card to be read



Decked out in some of the bday gear

Decked out in some of the bday gear

They really love each other. Awwww….

August 8, 2008

This weekend we had a bit of a family reunion at my brother’s house. My brother and 18 year old nephew have a few dirt bikes in their garage. The minute we arrived Michael became obsessed with these motorcycles. He wanted…no…NEEDED to go for a ride. For hours we had to hear about this. Finally, once the extended family had left my brother offered to take Michael for a ride and Michael was pumped to say the least. Marian, however, started to cry as we headed to the garage. She was scared that Michael was going to fall off and get hurt. How sweet is that? At first Michael tried to reassure her. “I’ll be ok Marian. I promise. Mom said I’ll be ok and you know that mom’s always right”. I’m not making that last part up either, he really said that. Shortly after this brave little man was reassuring his sister that he would be fine, he became scared because he realized we were talking about riding the BIG motorcycle and not the child-sized one. Super Daddy came to the rescue and gave both the kids rides on a motorbike built for an 8 year old and they were thrilled. He finally had to stop after his legs cramped up too much. Pictures to come soon, after my niece Madi has a chance to download them.

POLL: knappy or snappy – your vote counts

July 26, 2008

There’s one thing Mike and I agree on without question – our kids are cute. Marian can work the long hair or the short hair. Hers is thick and straight-ish. She’s lucky as hell but curses it every time we have to brush it. Apparently is has some magic feature where even after we’ve just brushed it, new tangles form instantaneously. Either way, she’s swimming every day at camp this summer and with the chlorine and the brushing and the crying – she’s opted for a shorter style.

So, this poll really involves the young, knappy headed Michael Sly. Mike loves it when Michael’s hair is long, messy and surfer-like. Long or short, Michael already is a lady killer with more “game” than his dad ever had. I too like Michael’s tousled locks, but think a little shorter is ok. So, the kids had haircuts last night. Here are the before and after shots. You tell us what you think of mack-daddy Michael. Leave us on a comment on this one – longer or shorter…



Nothing’s getting by this kid

July 23, 2008

This picture is from Michael’s first season of soccer, so it was last year and he was a new three year old. There is no rhyme or reason for me to post it here other than I just saw it in my photo file and I laughed out loud. So, thought you might enjoy a giggle too. I’ve actually never seen him so serious in all my life.

A “Real Man of Genius” (Bud Light radio reference) in the making

July 12, 2008

We were driving in the car the other day and out of nowhere Michael starts this conversation. When I say “out of nowhere” I really mean it because I rarely (if ever) have casual conversations with my children about drinking.

Michael:  Mom, when I turn 7 do I get to drink beer?

Me: (flabbergasted) Um, what? Why would you ask that?

Michael: Because I want to drink beer…when I’m 7. (remember, he’s only 3 now)

Me: (panicking a bit) But why do you want to drink beer?

Marian: (The voice of reason) MICHAEL! It doesn’t matter anyway because you don’t get to drink beer until your 35. Duh!

Needless to say, I need to buy Marian a pony for getting me out of that one. But, my 3 year old is obsessed with beer and I hardly drink and Mike doesn’t drink at all anymore. It’s all of those hooligan friends of ours. I blame them!

Sleep longer children. Please…take pity on us.

July 11, 2008

My goal these next few nights, even if it kills me, is to break the internal alarm clocks that live within my children. They can go to bed at 8pm or they can go to bed at 11pm. They will still be up around 6am. Marian has been getting a little better. But Michael! Oh, Michael. Killing me softly, he is. So, I have taped a lovely reminder above his clock about what 7am looks like. Here was our conversation earlier today:


Me: So Michael, you know that tomorrow you have to sleep until at least 7am, or else you won’t get to watch any TV. Right?

Michael: OK, but you know mom, this is going to be hard for me.

Me: Yes dear, but you grow while you sleep so if you want to get big and strong you need to sleep more.

Michael: Really? So if I sleep I’ll be big like Jordan? (our 12 year old neighbor)

Me: Yes, Michael – you’ll be big, strong and Mommy and Daddy will be in much better moods.


So, the deal is, if they wake up before their clocks say 7am – they don’t get to watch any TV. Yes, we are the parents from hell but that’s what motivates them and we’re taking full advantage.




Here’s Michael’s beautifully crafted poster in case he forgets what 7:00 looks like. No worries, I’ll keep my day job even though I could be a professional colorer.