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March 23, 2010

I know that my lack of posting is only hurting me, my only reader and number one fan. The reason for starting this blog, aside from being laid up before and after back surgery over a year ago, was so that I would have something to share with the kids as they grow so they can see what we were up to at various stages of their lives. I was never a scrapbooker so I figured this was the lazy mom’s way to make up for it. We’ve just been so busy lately. Both kids have been playing a lot of sports, an absolute necessity especially for Michael and his hyperactive ways.

My businesses are both going well. My independent recruiting business, Hire Logic LLC, is keeping me busy which is great. I also love the work I’m doing as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. The products are the best ever and the money is good and getting better. I look forward to the day when I might be able to walk away from recruiting altogether and just focus on Rodan + Fields. It’s much more fun!

The reason for leaving my stable corporate position was to make life easier for the kids and for the family as a whole. So far I would say it’s been a huge success. I’m volunteering at the kids’ schools and we don’t have to utilize latchkey. The kids and I get a lot more time together and this will all be even more important next year when Michael starts kindergarten. I enjoy being accountable to myself from a business perspective. The only downside of this arrangement is that I raid the pantry far too often. That’s something that has to change.

We got a new puppy last week because, you know, life wasn’t hectic enough. Our pal Pat sent pictures of puppies that were Husky/Golden Retriever mixes. That’s all it took because Mike and I are suckers. I’ve spent the last week working and wiping up puppy pee-pee. I’ve been asking myself why a lot this week. That said, Maggie (Marian named her. I wanted a non-M name but was overruled) is super cute and her and Murphy have already become best buds. Here are a few pictures.


A lot can happen in a week

September 1, 2008

I’m sure I will ramble incoherently because so much has happened this week, and I am still on some fairly strong pain medications. Apologies in advance. First, Mike got a great promotion at work which is really exciting. He’ll be able to learn an entirely different function of the business and he’ll have at least five direct reports as an Operations Manager. That was the first bit of excitement. The second is that I had my pals Pat and Lacy drop their Golden Retriever off one day this week to keep me company. Her name is Laya and she’s very cute. The thing that killed me is that Seamus (the crazy cat) seemed to think that Laya was Griffey. It was sad and sweet all at the same time. Seamus kept following the dog and trying to rub up against her. Normally, when a random dog enters a house run by a cat the cat will either hide or give the dog a few swats with the paw. None of that from our friend Seamus, who clearly misses his pal as much as we do. Here are a few pictures of Seamus trying to get Laya to start acting like Griffey.


Hey, why you running from me dog?

Hey, why you running from me dog?

See, I knew you loved me

See, I knew you loved me

Moving on to the next fun thing, Michael turned four yesterday! He gave up the paci’s that he still used at bedtime with no trouble at all. He’s a big kid now, afterall. He is way too cool for himself. He is obessed with Star Wars and skateboards. I think Ryan Sheckler and Tony Hawk better watch their back, cause this kid’s got skills. Look, he’s popping a wheelie within three seconds on his Sponge Bob skateboard!

And finally, I’m healing really quickly (if you ask me, anyway). Today I even snuck out with Mike and the kids to go get new school shoes for Marian and Michael. Marian starts first grade tomorrow and Michael starts 4 year old preschool next Monday. Before I get all the emails telling me that I shouldn’t have snuck out, I did take my walker with me. Yes, you heard me correctly. I wore the back brace (on the outside of my shirt) and used the walker. I was a sight for sore eyes. I’m sure you can picture how cool I was looking and no…there won’t be a picture posted below.

Oh, and lastly, I’ve become completely obsessed with the show “Lost”. I watched all of the first season last week and Mike went and rented season two. I can’t wait!

And the cat came back (isn’t there a song about that?)

July 20, 2008

After Mike and Michael walked and called for Seamus, out of sheer concern mind you, he came sauntering back into the yard later while they mowed the lawn. He had that strut, ya know, that cat strut like he owns the place. Well, he’s not strutting anymore. Wait until you see what we did to him. Now Seamus, Mr. Too Cool for School, all your little cat friends will know that WE. OWN. YOU! Oh, and wait until the squirrels, raccoons and possums see it – they’ll be heckling you from the trees and the garbage cans. Don’t go making us worry about you Seamus. We have a lotta love to give and with Griffey gone it all falls on you. I think it’s safe to say that Seamus isn’t thrilled with the new accessory we bought him. But again, it’s all out of love and concern.

Seamus, Seamus wherefore art thou Seamus?

July 18, 2008

Seriously, never a dull moment in the Sly house. Seamus, the one year old(ish) cat of ours has been missing now for over 24 hours. Is an indoor/outdoor cat ever really missing? Probably not, but he’s never been gone this long. Michael forced his father to go out into the neighborhood for a walk to find this rotten cat. Here’s his picture. If you’ve seen him, call us. He’s actually a cool cat because he’s remarkably dog-like (he learned from the great Griffey).

I don’t know if the garland gives it away, but this picture is about seven months old. Seamus has grown quite a bit, filled out – looking good. A man on the move…

The best dog ever

July 4, 2008

I’ve been couped up and doped up for the last nine days due to all kinds of tears and bulges in the discs in my back. It’s a long, boring story that we can get in to later. But, part of this boredom is what finally pushed me to start this blog. As I mentioned in the first post, I’m not sure what it’s all about. My family, the crazy things my kids say, life in general and just trying to live the dream (as we often say at work). Aside from being laid up, unable to join my family in 4th of July festivities, and impending surgeries – the thing I can’t get off my mind is my dog Griffey. She was our 12 year old Golden Retriever and I know you all think it about your dogs too, but she was the greatest. Never needed a leash, wouldn’t wander off, loved the kids and was just always there for us. Until Friday. She had been sick on and off and it got to the point where I could see she was suffering so we agreed to let her go. She had lived a great life between being a pup at Michigan State with oodles of people to play with to living in Chicago for four years and swimming in Lake Michigan every weekend. We didn’t want her suffering or in pain and the time had come. Marian understood what this meant and she cried and grieved. When we told Michael he said, “OK, can I go outside now?”. It’s his age and we expected it. But, then two nights ago there were crazy storms and our cat Seamus (that was basically dropped off at our doorstep a year ago) was still outside. Michael started crying at this because he said that Seamus is now going to die and go to Heaven like Griffey did. That’s when he really had his moment of loving, missing and grieving for Griffey. It was a sad moment as we all cried for Griffey but we assured the kids that Seamus would be back before morning. And, he was….wet and happy to be home. Here’s a picture of the most perfect dog I could have ever asked for.