At this rate I’m destined to be a couch potato

June 28, 2010

Triathlons are hard, or so I’ve heard. I do know that training for a triathlon is hard. It’s hard on your body too. As we know from past experience, my body doesn’t like me, nor does it appreciate me being hard on it. To drive this point home, my body once again failed me while training for this triathlon. The race was yesterday and on Tuesday of last week I went to the doctor for some serious leg pain that I get when I run. It’s been happening on and off since I was in high school yet I always thought it was some strange shin splint on the side of my calf. Sunday while I was at the track jogging the pain got really bad and this big ick area sort of popped out. You can kind of see it in the picture, taken from my cell phone at the track.

What I have is Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome with a Facia Hernia. Not only was I not allowed to run the race, I can’t ever jog again unless I opt for the surgery to fix it. Safe to say that I won’t be jogging anymore because I’m all surgeried out. I was really bummed to miss the triathlon. I was scared to death of it because I knew it was going to be hard and painful, but I really wanted to prove to myself that I could to it. It was the first major challenge I had given myself so it felt a lot like I was wimping out by not doing it. The problem is that this little syndrome I have can kill your muscle to where it can’t be repaired. I’m moving on to other things now like tennis and yoga. I’m also in the market for a new body so if you hear of anything let me know.


I’m Gonna Tri

April 14, 2010

Wow, sometimes my titles just really crack me up. Tri…as in triathlon. Ha! The “Ha” is more to the idea of me training for and finishing a triathlon than it is for my witty title (though I am quite proud of my cleverness). I have wanted to do a triathlon for as long as I can remember. I’m a decent swimmer and I can ride a bike, but I suck at running. I can’t stress this last part enough. My endurance has always been bad when it comes to jogging. I played soccer and lacrosse with no issues, but running a mile or so made me feel like an 80-year-old asthmatic with a peg leg and iron lungs. That said, the real reason I’ve never done a triathlon is because I didn’t have anyone to do it with and I was a scaredy cat. This all changed in December when I met some really cool ladies through my work with Rodan + Fields. I love them…A LOT! They are training for a marathon and they do triathlons. They are super heroes, or just plain crazy. They inspired me so I’m signing up for one in June. That doesn’t give me much time to train. Also, I’m carrying an extra 30-40 pounds and have had several surgeries in the last four years (three on my back and one on my knee). But, I’m going to try because I need to do this for me and for my health. I have the option of doing a Sprint (1/2 mile swim, 10.7 mile bike, 3 mile run) or a Half-Sprint (1/4 mile swim, 10.7 mile bike, 1.5 mile run). Seeing it in writing is making me feel a little nauseous. Anyway, I was talking to one of my runner friends yesterday and she said I can definitely do the Sprint if the run was all I was concerned about. She said that the first mile of any race is always torture, even for seasoned pros. She said if I can do 1.5 miles I can certainly do 3… and I believed her. Hooray for me! However, all of this changed a few hours later when I went to swim laps at the pool. It was hard! I got out of the pool and was so tired that I seriously struggled to put my bra on. Really. My arms were too exhausted to be dealing with the clasp behind the back. I wanted to cry out for help but thought that it might seem strange. I’m back to contemplating the Half-Sprint because while the run will be hard no matter what, I sort of forgot all the stuff that happens before the run. As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me! Stay tuned…

Play on, playa

March 25, 2010
  • There’s a little girl in Michael’s class that has loved him since the beginning of the year. She sent home a present with Michael that was wrapped with a bow on top. He told me she kissed him on the lips for no reason. He says “for no reason” whenever he’s telling stories. He opened her gift in the car and it was a cool magnet set.

Me:   Wow, that’s nice. Is she your friend?

Him:  Um, no…I think she’s my girlfriend. (pause) Yeah, she’s definitely my girlfriend.

  • I went to pick him up from school yesterday and a little girl there (NOT his girlfriend) told me to please tell Michael that she thinks he’s funny. She also called me mom. I thought it odd. I got in the car and Michael told me she said she was going to marry him. Clearly she already thinks that I’m her mother-in-law.
  • I dropped him off at daycare last week and his class was in the gym. They were having running races and the boys were going first. Michael jumped in line to race all the other boys and I stayed to watch. Once the race started I didn’t even watch him because my attention was focused on the girls in the class who were waiting for their turn. They were ALL chanting “GO MIKEY” for the duration of the race.

 This boy child of mine has a way with the ladies. It’s cute and adorable at age five but I’m not at all looking forward to middle school and high school with this guy. His latest bit of fun is his new haircut that we got yesterday. He’s been asking for a mohawk for a few months now. We finally gave in yesterday. Amy, the stylist, thought it would be best to give him a style that we can spike up when we want to. So, it’s not a total mohawk but that’s ok, baby steps.


March 25, 2010

This week is spirit week at Marian’s school. Yesterday was mismatched day. Marian and I had some fun finding all kinds of odd things to make an outfit. We even got a little crazy and put her hair in uneven pigtails. Truth be told, I actually tried to do normal pigtails but I’m just really not talented when it comes to hair (as is obvious by looking at me). We sprayed a little red onto her hair to complete the outfit. I was surprised she was getting so in to it because while she’s only seven, she already cares about what others think. I was so happy she was excited to look goofy without remorse. We had just dropped Michael off at school when the fear started to set in for her.

Her:     Mom, are you sure today is mismatched day?

Me:      I’m certain of it.

Her:     You read the sheet so fast…

Me:      Honey, I am sure (now starting to doubt myself a little and worried that she’ll be the laughing stock of the school if I’m wrong)

Her:     It could be crazy hat day

Me:      Fine, I’ll call the neighbors and confirm (I was actually nervous at this point but ha ha. HA HA!! I was right. Of course. Mother is always right!)


March 23, 2010

I know that my lack of posting is only hurting me, my only reader and number one fan. The reason for starting this blog, aside from being laid up before and after back surgery over a year ago, was so that I would have something to share with the kids as they grow so they can see what we were up to at various stages of their lives. I was never a scrapbooker so I figured this was the lazy mom’s way to make up for it. We’ve just been so busy lately. Both kids have been playing a lot of sports, an absolute necessity especially for Michael and his hyperactive ways.

My businesses are both going well. My independent recruiting business, Hire Logic LLC, is keeping me busy which is great. I also love the work I’m doing as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. The products are the best ever and the money is good and getting better. I look forward to the day when I might be able to walk away from recruiting altogether and just focus on Rodan + Fields. It’s much more fun!

The reason for leaving my stable corporate position was to make life easier for the kids and for the family as a whole. So far I would say it’s been a huge success. I’m volunteering at the kids’ schools and we don’t have to utilize latchkey. The kids and I get a lot more time together and this will all be even more important next year when Michael starts kindergarten. I enjoy being accountable to myself from a business perspective. The only downside of this arrangement is that I raid the pantry far too often. That’s something that has to change.

We got a new puppy last week because, you know, life wasn’t hectic enough. Our pal Pat sent pictures of puppies that were Husky/Golden Retriever mixes. That’s all it took because Mike and I are suckers. I’ve spent the last week working and wiping up puppy pee-pee. I’ve been asking myself why a lot this week. That said, Maggie (Marian named her. I wanted a non-M name but was overruled) is super cute and her and Murphy have already become best buds. Here are a few pictures.

Time, it is a ticking

November 20, 2009

It’s mid-November and at the end of the year I will officially leave my job. It was a really tough decision because I work for a great company with wonderful, highly amusing people. Oh, and the steady paycheck has been lovely as well. However, I have been ready for a change and the time is now. I wonder if I’ll regret the timing on this due to the state of our economy. I hope not. I’m going to continue to recruit, but I’ll be doing it as my own company. The last month has been hard on my underutilized brain. First, I had to come up with the name of said company. Not a fun job because I’m not the most creative person. I did a lot of googling and a lot of playing with the thesaurus. Finally, after a few weeks I decided on Hire Logic, LLC. Get it? A play on higher…and hire. Then, I had to send away to form the LLC and then I had to buy the URL which was a scary prospect for me. I’m not sure why that was such a big deal for me but it was. Now, I have a creative brief up on to have a bunch of designers submit their concepts for a logo. That process will take another week or so and then I’ll have to get a website created. The goal is to have everything up and running as of January 1st. Scary. And exciting. And scary.

Morning glory

September 29, 2009

This morning I woke up to drag myself to the gym before work. I am lucky enough to now be working from home with a reduced schedule of 30 hours a week. I’m able to go to the gym for an hour and still be back home by 7:30am. When I get home Mike can leave for work and then I shower, get the kids ready and drop them off at school. I am spoiled for having this schedule. Although, at the moment I don’t feel spoiled. I feel sore. Even typing this is making the muscles (or lack thereof) in my arms hurt. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I’ve only been going to the gym for three days now. It’s painfully obvious to me and my body that I haven’t been to a gym in over a year…or seven. Ok, sorry, back to this morning and how it was so different than most. I came in from the gym and both of the kids were still asleep at 7:30am which is a major rarity in the Sly household. I started making their lunches when I began to hear little voices. It took me a few minutes to realize that I wasn’t hearing the TV yet and that’s typically the first thing they do when they wake up. They sit on the couch and zone out for a few minutes while they wake up. Not today though. After about ten minutes I went to see what they were doing and why they were being so quiet. I followed their low voices down the hall and found them in the “office”.

**Keep in mind, we’re in the throws of changing Michael’s old room into an office for me so the kids are sharing Marian’s room. I reference this because of the amount of junk you will see when you view the picture below.

Morning kids September 2009 001

She’s helping him play a game on Webkinz! How cute is that? I love their bed head. It’s nothing compared to my bed head and for that they should be very thankful. The TV never didget turned on this morning. They went from this to eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and then playing house until it was time to leave for school. They were both bummed to have to stop playing together and I quickly assured them that the good times could resume this afternoon when they returned from school. This was a great start to the day and one that I want to be sure to remember, especially when they are sulking teenagers that hate their parents and each other. I’ll make them read this post over and over until they hug it out and profess their love for each other (and their super awesome mom).

Paranoid pooch

September 28, 2009

I think that Murphy the dog has some schizophrenic tendencies. When we got him in March he was the most wonderful, mellow puppy. We couldn’t believe how lucky we got. We could keep him off leash 95% of the time, he would listen to us, he rarely if ever barked and he was a great snuggler. The only thing I found odd about him was how paranoid he was when I took him for walks. It was like he thought he was being followed. Maybe he owed a bookie some money? He was constantly looking around and jumping at every little noise. If it was windy out I wouldn’t even bother with a walk. I knew all the lawn flags and leaves would make him crazy. Aside from this little quirk though, he was perfect. In August Michael got a life-sized poster of Miguel Cabrera for his birthday. We never did get to hang it up. Every time we tried Murphy would lose his mind howling and barking at it. He must have thought Cabrera was going to come to life and smother him with his baseball mitt. Being who we are, we thought this was very comical and thus it became entertainment for our guests. We would bring out the poster and pretend to hang it up while Murphy put on his show. Needless to say, the poster had to be thrown away after being put up and taken down 27 times. A few weeks ago I brought a big balance ball home from my office. This too Murphy treated as an aggressive attacker intent on killing his family. The ball remains in a closet. In the basement. This past weekend Murphy really kicked it up a notch though. I’m working from home now so the kids are sharing a room to allow for a home office in Mikey’s old room. We painted their new room a bright green to match the bed covers. Once it was all done it looked great, very bright, but good…ish (it’s REALLY bright). Murphy started his alarmed barking and we couldn’t figure out what he was barking at. We thought it was something in the hallway. But, no, it’s the walls. He’s afraid of the paint. On the walls. The paint on the walls!! After two days of not being able to escape the walls (they do hold the house up, ya know) he has conquered at least one of his phobias. As you can see below, he’s in said room and isn’t barking. Murphy is still a better dog than I could have asked for but he has some really weird issues. I guess if nothing else he fits in with our strange bunch!

Forgot to mention that he's a handsome dude

Forgot to mention that he's a handsome dude

Anybody home????

July 31, 2009

I’m trying to talk one of my friends into starting a blog because she just moved across the country to Texas with her husband and two kids. Michigan to Texas – there are bound to be tons of great stories to tell, right? So, after giving her the peer pressure I thought it quite hypocritical of myself for failing to update my blog in four months. I originally started this blog because I’m one of those bad moms that doesn’t scrapbook. My children won’t have memory books. They’ll have this blog. Pity them, these children of mine. The one thing I plan to leave them so they can see how they tortured me grew and evolved and I can’t even keep it current. I’m going to jump back in now, you know, for the good of the children.

As for the last four months, they are in the past. Let us focus on the future. In fact, the Sly family has been fairly boring since April so no one has missed anything. Well, maybe just a few things:

  • Michael learning to ride a two-wheeler at age 4.
  • Marian trying out for and making a U9 premier soccer team.
  • Both kids took a hockey clinic. Mikey will keep it up. Marian only has eyes for soccer.
  • I gave up carbs, and am still alive to talk about it.
  • Mike developed a new love for the flowers that he planted (if he had the last glass of water on earth and was forced to decide between the flowers or his wife I would die a slow, thirsty death)

Even our pets are freaks

April 22, 2009

I’ve decided that everyone in our house is a freak. I’m sure that anyone that knows us had figured this out long ago. Mike and I are beyond help in most ways. We’re both falling apart physically (he had the most recent injury – a separated shoulder from basketball) and I think it’s safe to say that our mental state isn’t too solid either. The kids are crazy as well. They have more energy thanI can try to describe for you, so I won’t bother. At the moment they are both playing soccer and hockey, and yet, the demons do not calm down. It is the way it is and so we go on. The happy, crazy, loud and energized children followed by two old, gimpy, incoherent and crabby parents. This in itself is a lovely picture, but then I’ll throw in our lovable, yet quirky, pets.

Shamus, the cat-dog, that I’ve mentioned before in this blog. He is an indoor-outdoor cat. He likes to hunt and then play with his rodent and winged victims. He goes outside, rain or shine. In fact, he went out with the kids after we had gotten a foot or so of snow.


Our most recent pet is one that has turned Shamus’s life upside down a bit. As if life wasn’t hectic enough, I made a complete impulse buy one Friday a few weeks ago. His name is Murphy. He’s a Golden Retriever and he reminds me a lot of Griffey. Murphy can be in our front yard off leash and not dash off (unless he’s chasing Shamus into the street). He often escapes the backyard fence only to run to the front door and wait for us to let him in. Tonight for example, he was outside for a long time. I was getting ready to go for a walk when I looked out the front window to see the silly dog sitting in one of the chairs on our front porch. He was free and yet he didn’t dash off to explore the neighborhood. He just took a seat on the porch and waited for us to open up and let him in. So, I threw the leash on Murphy and then off we went for a walk. With Shamus always five steps in front of or behind us. It’s quite a sight. Here’s a picture of Murphy the day we got him. I think he’s about 14 weeks old right now, give or take.

They love Murphy, though they could do without him always trying to bite their fingers off.

They love Murphy, though they could do without him always trying to bite their fingers off.